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Cyber City Escape is a 3D topdown roguelite shooter set in a cyberpunk world.

You awaken one day like so many other dissidents, imprisoned and with no memory.  Soon after you are suddenly freed by mysterious new allies and given a mission - fight your way across the city to the spaceport and escape the planet, or die trying.

The game features:

- Procedurally generated maps

- Fog of war fueled exploration

- Multiple weapon types to unlock, acquire and upgrade

- Multiple enemy types with different fighting styles

- Environmental hazards, traps, explosive barrels, gun turrets

- Equipment to purchase at kiosks to help you survive your run

- A token system for permanent progression in the form of character upgrades

- Dark and gritty atmosphere with matching story

- A retro future soundtrack with thumping beats

Can you master the urban death trap and find your way to freedom?

***   This game is still under development and all feedback is treasured   ***


Cyber City Escape - Alpha 7 Demo 309 MB
Version 1 Mar 16, 2020

Install instructions

If you downloaded zip just unzip and run CyberCityEscape.exe (ignore the SmartScreen popup, click More info and Run anyway).

Installing through the Itch.io App means you won't have the SmartScreen popup at all.